Made With Love in Norway

All of our products are packed, polished, and shipped from a Norwegian town called Moi.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Our toys are made from sustainable, non-toxic & environmentally friendly materials and are safer for children to play with.

Montessori Education Oriented

We integrate the Montessori educational principles into our toys to help kids create their own unique experiences and make meaningful discoveries.

Your Child's Safety, In Mind

When it comes to toys, safety is just as important as quality. Our toys are made & tested in accordance with CE rules in EU to guarantee a safe playtime.

Play. Learn. Grow.

Foster your child's physical and cognitive development. Our Montessori indoor climbing gyms are an excellent way for your little one to develop independence, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

We use only high-quality, sustainable wood to craft each piece of the climbing gym, and we coat it with a natural, non-toxic coating that's safe for all children. It is made to last a generation.

Our climbing gyms come in many colors, styles, and slide/ramp types. They are suitable for children from 12 months to about 6 years old. We invite you to browse the options and choose based on your budget and personal tastes.

Children Playing on a Montessori Climbing Gym


5 Principles of The Montessori Method
The Montessori Method is based on scientific observation of the child. It aims at assisting the child’s natural development and unfolds progressive stages of self-construction. Here are the 5 principles, of Montessori Method:
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