Why go with Montessori toys?

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toddler playing on a playground

The Montessori pedagogy is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. This method of education enhances children's natural desire to learn. Dr. Maria Montessori developed this educational approach more than 100 years ago in Rome, Italy.

Montessorians believe that children are naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. They absorb everything around them like sponges.

Montessori toys are a great investment

When you bring these open-ended toys home to your kids, you will find that they entice imagination and creativity while allowing children to develop skills independently.

Montessori toys can be used for years and by more than one child. If you buy it for your first child, he/she will play with it for a few years. Then it will receive another lease of life when the next child comes along.

Montessori toys help develop independence in toddlers

Montessori toys are designed to help your child develop independence in a number of ways. They allow them to do things on their own and make their own choices.

The Montessori method of education is centered around the ideas of freedom, respect, and responsibility. One of the main goals is to prepare children for life outside of the home. This means giving them freedom to make decisions and respect for their abilities.

In order to do this, they need to be able to do things on their own. It can be difficult for parents at times because we want to do everything for our children.

However, it is important that we step back and let them try things out on their own. If you have ever had a toddler who wants to put on their shoes or buckle their car seat themselves then you know what I mean!

Montessori toys are designed with this idea in mind. They allow children the opportunity to explore and discover new ways of doing things without the need for adult assistance.

Montessori toys encourage motor skills

As children use large muscles to climb, walk up and down stairs, and practice other gross motor skills, they gain strength and coordination needed for sports and other activities.

Montessori toys engage the child's senses, and they also promote development of the child's fine and gross motor skills.

Montessori toys foster social interaction

Social interaction is a huge component of Montessori education. Children are taught to work together, respect one another's differences and share space and toys.

Montessori teachers believe that children learn the best when they're working in groups. They learn to socialize with other children and take turns. This helps kids develop strong communication skills and lifelong friendships.


There are numerous benefits of Montessori toys for children. While these tips are geared towards toddlers, remember that these strategies can also benefit children of all ages. There's no need to completely revamp your toy collection, but you might find a few old toys (or even new ones!) that have Montessori potential. Give Montessori a try, see what works and what doesn't, and then start brainstorming on the next big thing to do with your child. They'll thank you for it in the long run!