Motor Rocking Multi-Colored Toy

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  Foster a joy for life in your child with our colourful Motor Rocking toy. This Montessori rocker promotes play, self-expression, and imagination while developing motor skills. Your little one will...

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Color: Multi-Colored


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Foster a joy for life in your child with our colourful Motor Rocking toy. This Montessori rocker promotes play, self-expression, and imagination while developing motor skills. Your little one will love its colourful design, soft curves, and playful rocking motion. Best of all, it's built to last, so your family can enjoy it for years!

The Multi-colored Motor rocking toy promotes independence in children, which can help parents foster a sense of self-reliance and confidence in their children.


Benefits and features

  • The Motor Rocking Toy helps with hand-eye coordination

  • Helps strengthen gross motor (physical) skills

  • Helps with balance & and spatial awareness development
  • Promotes healthy imagination
  • Finished/coated with a non-toxic natural varnish 
  • Easy to clean against stains, moisture, and water spills
  • Our design is based on the Montessori philosophy and education 
  • Toy made from Eco-friendly, child-safe & durable hardwood materials
  • Fun climbing challenges

  • Spatial awareness and other essential life skills

  • Helps children develop problem-solving skills and build self-confidence

  • Very easy and time-saving assembly
  • The Motor Rocking Toy comes inside the box with all the necessary hardware and tools.
Age Range

Recommended for children between 18 months and 8 years old


Helps strengthen gross motor (physical) skills
Helps with balance & spatial awareness development
Promotes healthy imagination


Finished with a non-toxic natural varnish that protects against stains, moisture, and water spills
Based on the Montessori education philosophy
Made from all-natural, child-safe & durable materials

What's Included

Comes with all the necessary tools & instructions for a simple assembly


Length: 80cm / 31.5" | Width: 42cm / 16.5" | Height: 40cm / 15.7"


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Our toys have a genuine European CE marking (EN 71-1: 2014, Toy safety) and are made from natural wood. They are 100 percent non-toxic and safe for babies and toddlers.

We take safety very seriously. Everything we make is designed with it in mind. With us, you can trust in your child's safety.

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun environment while encouraging kids to move, explore, and learn. For this reason, we design our equipment with the physical capabilities of children in mind, so they are challenged but not placed in any danger.

Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to baby & toddler products, trust is absolutely essential and we stand behind our products. We can guarantee our products' quality, safety and spare parts for life.

Please note: Our warranties cover only individuals, not companies or any other industrial purposes.

Shipping & Taxes

We do our best to ship your orders as quickly as possible and offer free shipping within Norway. Additionally, we provide special delivery rates to other countries. You can find the delivery rates to your country during the checkout process.

We fully cover any taxes for orders shipped to Norway. For international shipments, please be aware that there may be duties, taxes, or customs clearance fees that could be charged based on your jurisdiction.

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